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magic counting cash, also use EU06 to examine

recently, a video on Youtube in which one Chinese lady showed her counting cash skills is super hot, foreign e-friends watched this and praised it's awesome, and couldn't follow her counting speed even focusing on it with wildly open eyes.


From the video, the lady was claiming to teach a way to count cash, putting a wadge of double cover Renminbi currency in a hand, then by changing hands alternately counting cash with in a sector, and making it quicker and quicker. All movement was naturally smooth 


Foreign reviews left a message to say it is so quick!, can't believe, it is almost magic!


While receiving cash, we not only count it, but also examine currency, so EU06 from Imalent could be used as a tool to tell you the fake one from the genuine ones. EU06 with 405nm spectrum is able to make the genuine visible by some features. It is an amazing UV light for daily use.

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