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Tropical Storm Bill threatens Texas, Oklahoma with flooding

Here comes the rain again. Still reeling from record rainfall in May, Texas is back in the bull's-eye as Tropical Storm Bill closes  in on the Texas Gulf coast Tuesday morning. Response to the disaster weather equipment need to prepare in advance. Food, water,  knife, tent, raincoat, batteries and flashlight. Flashlight is very important in night of power outage during disaster time. If you  want more brightness outdoor and floodlight in tent, IMALENT flashlight DDT40 is good option. 4000+1180 lumens total brightness  by  4*18650 batteries. 4000 lumens spotlights to outdoor search and rescue and 1180 lumen floodlights for lighting in tent like a  table light. Another novel function of IMALENT flashlight DDT40 is remote control. You can turn off floodlight in 10 meter  distance. Oh, perfect gear in storm!

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