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The economic damage from the Nepal earthquake is almost half

The initial estimates of the economic damage caused by the April 25 earthquake in Nepal are in—and the numbers are staggering.

The overall damage is estimated to be at about $10 billion, according to the Nepal government—nearly half of its gross domestic product of $19.2 billion. According to IHS Global Insights, a research firm, the estimated cost only for rebuilding homes, roads and bridges could run up to $5 billion.

Many people are lived in campings. It is nearly complete dark in night. Flashlight is very important now, whatever search, rescure or camping people, especially multifunction flashlight. Not only for daily use, but also for rescure and SOS. And IMALENT LED flashlight EU06-RV can do these well.

IMALENT EU06-RV, with three sources lights, 900lumens spot mainlight for daily lighting use, red sidelight help warning and rescure in night, and UV sidelight to help with checking ID card and special application. This flashlight with remote control, can be operated from 10 meters distance, instant strobe and touch screen adjustment. 

These functions can be helpful for Nepal survivors and rescuers.

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