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Halloween party

Halloween party


Every idea is different, strange, Halloween 2019 is a very busy day in the West, but also a very important holiday.


The safety of Halloween costumes and their surrounding products has attracted the attention of the British and Australian media. Oxford Post said parents should pay special attention to fire protection because children light candles in pumpkin lights during Halloween. When buying Halloween clothes, they must ensure that the product bears the "CE" mark of European certification, preferably replaced by electric lights. Melbourne alone confiscated more than 3,000 cosmetic props, according to the Australian Messenger. The media warned parents to pay attention to the ingredients of these products in order to prevent allergies in children.


Everyone's own way to express the celebration of the festival, there are joy, banter, full of festival active atmosphere, in this day the lights are the most dazzling, because the outside is a variety of decorations, colorful, so at this time, in order to bring security and enjoyment for you, can fully relax.


1, banter


Halloween Eve is the most "haunted" time of the year when various demons, pirates, extraterrestrial visitors and witches come out one after another. Before the Christian era, Celtics held ceremonies at the end of summer to thank God and the sun for their grace. At that time, diviners ignited and witched to drive away demons and monsters that were said to roam about. Later, the harvest festival celebrated by the Romans with nuts and apples merged with the Celtics on October 31. In the Middle Ages, people wore animal-shaped costumes and terrible masks to drive away ghosts in the dark on Halloween Eve. Although Christianity later took the place of Celtic and Roman religious activities, early customs remained. Children wear all kinds of costumes and masks to Halloween Night dances with jokes. The walls around these dances are often hung with paper-pasted witches, black cats, ghosts and bones, and front windows and doors are hung with grinning teeth or disgusting pumpkin lanterns. Halloween outdoor props, Imalent bright light 1350M, brightest led for flash light, 10W lumens, the longest duration of 14 hours and 52 minutes, so completely do not consider whether enough, or time can not meet your pleasure, suddenly stopped halfway.


2. Face makeup


Halloween costumes, all kinds of people, not just monotonous ghosts and goblins. To make the simplest ghost clothes, you put a white sheet on your head and pick out two holes to leave your eyes; to play a magician, you put on black clothes and pants, then a black hat, and hide a furry rabbit between the hat and the top of your head as a spare; a child wears white clothes and pants, and then ties a flashlight behind his back to dress up as a little angel on his head. Some parents dress up their children as cartoon characters they like. In such an atmosphere, light can be used to create a good atmosphere effect and fully feel the effect of the festival.


3. Request candy


Halloween originated from the Celtic New Year's festival. It is also a time to sacrifice the dead. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, it also worships the ancestors and the good spirits with food to pray for a safe winter. That night, children will wear makeup clothes, masks and collect candy from door to door.


On Halloween, children will carry pumpkin lanterns, wear all kinds of strange clothes, go door to door to ask for candy, and constantly say, "trick or treat" (meaning "trick or treat"). ) If you refuse to give candy, the children will be angry and punish you in various ways, such as throwing garbage into your house and so on, until you give them candy. Traditionally, people dress up as elves and then go door-to-door to beg for food. Their belief is to give the elves worship and food to please them, otherwise they will play tricks on them, such as blocking chimneys, losing cattle and sheep, being thrown yellow buds and white, and so on. Another way to fool or frighten away these evil spirits is to dress up like them, and they believe that they will not hurt them. So when you go out, if you have a reliable quality, easy to carry, you can hang it on your body or put it in your bag. It doesn't take up your space at all, and it brings you great convenience. When you're outside, you don't have to worry about the power supply and suddenly the flashlight goes off. The Imalent flashlight has an OLED display screen. It can see the flashlight voltage, Lumens and so on. Imalent torch has flooding and long-range radiation. It is a useful tool for hunting and hunting outside. MS18, such as army search, has 10W Lument, which can help you cope with the dark night outside. Imalent flashlight has USB and magnetic charge, LED flash light rechargeable, LED flash light, extremely convenient and simple, IPX8 waterproof grade.


4. Pumpkin Lamp (Jack Lamp)


Pumpkin lanterns are the most important symbol of Halloween Eve. They originated in Ireland. The legend goes like this: a man named Jack was very stingy and was expelled from heaven by God, but he was expelled from hell for playing tricks on Satan. He was punished to carry a lantern to illuminate the road and walk in the world forever. In Ireland, lanterns are made of hollowed-out large potatoes and radishes, with tiny candles lit in the middle. Similarly, the phrase "no sugar, bad luck" came from Ireland. At that time, in the name of Muck Olla, children went door to door begging for food for Halloween celebrations. English children are dressed in other people's clothes, wearing masks and begging for "ghost cake" on Halloween Eve.


5. Bite apples


The most popular game on Halloween Eve is "Bite the apple". In the game, people let the apple float in a basin full of water, and then let the children bite the apple with their mouth without using their hands. Whoever bites first is the winner.


6. Holding parties and sending cards


Student illuminate, school is not on holiday on Halloween. Sometimes the school organizes parties, sometimes the students who are unwilling to be lonely sponsor small parties themselves; while friends and family send cards to each other to celebrate Halloween is a popular custom in October every year.


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