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Terms of Service

After sale clause

1.7 days Baohuan warranty

Within 7 days from the date of sale IMALENT flashlight, under normal circumstances, there are quality problems, you can select the repair or replacement of the same model with the specifications

The product is not less than the original product when the product of the same type is stopped for production or for other reasons can not be arranged in a reasonable time.

Performance of the same brand products;

Free warranty for 2.24 months

Within 24 months from the date of sale IMALENT flashlight, you used in normal circumstances, quality of products, enjoy the free maintenance service;

3 lifetime limited maintenance

IMALENT will provide limited lifetime maintenance service for you, that is more than 24 months of free warranty period in your flashlight, flashlight appears fault, IMALENT can provide lifelong maintenance and warranty for you,

Costs to the actual replacement of material costs, not to charge a fee;

4 online registration, to extend the warranty period

IMALENT recommends that you go to the www.imalent.com site customer service channel registered a flashlight products encoding the one and only after successful registration, you will receive a free 6 month warranty period, that is your flashlight free warranty period up to 30 months;

5 please contact the dealer directly when purchasing

Your warranty by IMALENT "warranty card", purchase invoice or receipt or when shopping online dealers to provide sales vouchers and dealers, from dealers to provide customer service for your service, IMALENT provides service support to dealers;

6 freight commitment

We strongly recommend customers to local dealers to buy our products, and the local distribution will be happy to provide you with first-class after-sales service. In order to guarantee the interests of dealers, we will not buy products in local dealers to provide direct sales services, but send back to our products to our customers to bear the shipping costs.

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