Why my DT70/DN70/DT35/DN35 can’t be turned on?

1. Take out the battery protection pcs

2. Screw it as tightly as he can, as the flashlight need high current, so if not tight enough, it won’t be able to pass 15A current.

3. If it still doesn’t work, use cloth to clean the contact parts like battery tube and the copper rings inside the flashlight head.

4. When press the right button, make sure it is just click but not hold it as hold it for 1 second will be turn it off, so the       flashlight will not turn on when you hold it.

5. Do charge the batteries before you use.

When I am charging my Imalent DT70/DN70/DT35/DN35, only the battery signal is blinking, it doesn’t charge.

It is because you didn’t screw it tightly enough, just screw it tightly and try again.

What is the color temperature of IMALENTs cold white light flashlights LED?

The color temperature is about 6000K to 6500K….

My Imalent DN11/DN12 sometimes can’t be turned on

1. Take out the battery protection pcs

2. Double quickly touch the touch sensor, if you touch slow, it will recognize it as one time or accident touch, touch one time is     to turn the light off, so it won’t be turn on if you touch twice slow.

3. Make sure you are touching the touch sensor with your skin but not nails, and ensure it is the touch sensor, sometimes it might     be a little upper of the sensor sign

4. Make sure every part is tightly screwed and battery is fully charged.

Why flashlight's len gets foggy?

The reasons contribute to foggy Len are as follows:
1.The heat-conducting glue used contains too much water, the water is vaporized onto the Len after heating.
2.The assembly environment is too humid.3.The flashlight body is too hot after turn-on, some vapor get congealed when it touches glass.

Why the remote controller on EU06 doesn’t work?

First, ensure to turn on the flashlight before you use the remote controller. Second, ensure the remote controller indicator and the signal receiver on the flashlight is on the same line. Third, exchange battery inside the remote controller.

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