Product Details

The HR70 is a versatile magnetically USB charged headlamp. A CREE XHP70 2nd generation LED delivers 3000 lumens of impressive flood light. The HR70 is extremely light weight with high capacity and can be used normally while charging. It can also be used as a corner lamp, headlamp, handheld flashlight, and in a multitude of other applications, intended to make a breakthrough for outdoor lighting.

Main advantages:

1. USB magnetically charged headlamp and flashlight

2. 3000mAh IMALENT 18650 high discharge battery included

3. Maximum output up to 3000lumens, with CREE XHP70 2nd generation LED

4. Instant turbo (double press power switch), instant low (triple press power switch), hide strobe (double press when it is at turbo output)

5. Magnet at tail cap to free your hands while working

6. Longest runtime 50hours at 30lumens

7. 30LM-300LM-700LM-1500LM (press and hold the power switch, the output levels will cycles and release to get the one you need) and Turbo 3000lumens, strobe

Product Features

1. An easy to carry light weight and compact aluminum headlight.

2. Utilizes one pcs of American CREE XHP70 2nd generation LED, with a lifespan of up to 50000 hours and a maximum output of 3000lumens

3. With the clip and magnetic tail cap, it can also be used as corner lamp, headlamp and hand held flashlight. 

4. USB magnetically charged function. 

5. Powered by one pcs 3000mAh high discharge performance 18650 Li ion battery(included). 

6. Dimensions: 103 mm * 26 mm (head diameter) * 21.3 mm (body diameter). 

7. Net weight: 50 g / 100 g (with battery). 

8. The high efficiency constant power circuit will maintain a constant brightness. 

9. Anti-reverse battery protection. 

10. A combination of toughened ultra-transparent mineral and anti-reflective coated glass. 

11. Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body. 

12. Wear-resistant type III hard anodized surface treatment. 

13. IPX-8 standard waterproof (2m submersible). 

14. 1.5 meters impact resistance. 

15. Tailstock function.


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