1. Stable performance and high reliability

The requirements for lighting tools for outdoor sports are “ready to use”. Poor lighting tools that are unreliable and unusable at critical moments are fatal and can be life threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for selecting outdoor sports lighting tools. The stable quality and good environmental adaptability of IMALEN flashlights are the choice of outdoor flashlights.

2.Good waterproof performance

Compared with ordinary home use, outdoor flashlights need to first solve the problem of waterproofing. The reassuring waterproofing standard is of course IPX-8. Soaked in shallow water (generally within 2 meters) can be used normally. Of course, it is not necessary to resist rain In a sense, waterproofing also belongs to the content of outdoor reliability. Outdoor flashlights often have good sealing performance and are protected by multiple waterproof rubber rings to ensure sufficient water resistance.

3. Easy to carry

Outdoor flashlights should be as portable as possible, without increasing the load and saving physical strength. General personal outdoor flashlights are best controlled within 1000g. The shape of the bright outdoor flashlight is not suitable for being too large, and the weight is recommended to be controlled within 2000 grams.


4. Power saving

 At present, the strong light flashlight usually uses a rechargeable lithium battery 18650 as the power source, and the continuous lighting time is usually 2.5 hours, which requires us to bring a backup battery as needed. At the same time, in the actual use process, appropriate selection of medium or low light lighting is conducive to extending the flashlight lighting time. In addition, you can also consider using a flashlight powered by multiple batteries, so that the battery life is longer.

5, multiple gears

Many friends who choose outdoor flashlights for the first time always feel that the operation of multi-level flashlights is too tedious. In fact, it is necessary for outdoor flashlights to have multiple gears, at least to have strong light, low light, and flashing functions. A single flashlight is not flexible enough. A flashlight with medium or low light can be switched in time, which helps to dissipate heat and secondly, it also helps to extend the lighting time of the flashlight. It is best to have a flashlight with a low light level that can reach tens of hours or more, in case of extreme conditions, it can illuminate continuously for more than a week every night. The emergence of multi-level dimming technology makes the pair of fish and bear’s paw appear on the same flashlight. You can choose the most suitable brightness when camping, hiking, searching, and other different uses, while saving precious electricity reasonably. At the same time, the multi-level dimming technology also generates a lot of auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, which can be issued when it is in danger, asking the rescuers for help.

6, high brightness

The environment for outdoor activities is complex and no one can guarantee what will be encountered. This is very dangerous when high-brightness lighting is needed but the flashlight is insufficient. At the same time, long-distance lighting can also make it easier for others to find in emergency situations. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is an essential lighting tool, especially for the exploration of unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of the flashlight is preferably greater than 1000 lumens and the lighting distance is greater than 200 meters.


7.Constant brightness

While the flashlight is working, as the energy consumption voltage of the battery is getting lower and lower, the brightness of the conventional flashlight will also decrease, and the lighting effect will gradually worsen. When the flashlight brightness has fallen to a certain level, it can no longer provide suitable lighting, only replacement Batteries. At this time, the battery still has half the power, so this part of the power is wasted. The emergence of constant brightness technology solves this problem. The constant bright flashlight can ignore the change of battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness most of the time, which not only improves the lighting effect, but also makes full use of every minute of the battery’s power.